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Memory Lane

Launched by Jordan and Rachel Ervin with one intern and a dream in late 2021, Story Company has quickly grown to over 16 of the brightest creative minds in Nepal.

Dedicated to the Art of Storytelling through the many mediums the world uses today, the team at Story continues to discover what’s possible as a small studio at the foothills of the Himalayans.

And as one anchor client turned into many, Jordan began to dream again, but this time in the company of his oldest and closest friend, Adam Parker.


A New Mission

Adam and Jordan grew up together in northern Indiana watching Lord of the Rings and reading every fantasy series they could get their hands on. Like the heroes in the stories they so greatly admired, they dreamed of doing things with their lives that ultimately mattered.

As they grew into adults and Jordan pursued a creative career, Adam spent his professional life in law enforcement before moving to Nepal to train up and support anti-human trafficking teams. After serving for five years, Adam’s assignment drew to a close and together, they began dreaming of a new mission.


They saw how Adam’s experience with agile team management in high stakes contexts combined with Jordan’s ability to dream big and live on the horizon could enable them to build a scalable creative agency to produce high-quality, low-cost media.

This is our Story

It’s a story that’s a lifetime in the making. We believe many of the best stories have yet to be told and our mission is to illuminate the world with stories of truth, goodness, and beauty.

And who knows? Maybe, one of them is yours.

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